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Title: oil at $65.00
Post by: jwc191 on May 28, 2008, 01:23:47 pm
opec just announced that they are increasing oil production and u.k. is increasing production in the north sea. posted on sky news 24 (from uk.). opec says they feel uncomfortable with oil at $135.00 and should be at $65.00 a barrel. this should translate to $1.99 at the pumps soon.

Title: Re: oil at $65.00
Post by: Furious1Auto on May 28, 2008, 02:23:59 pm
Promises, promises!  Them b-ches are destroying the entire country, and after nearly extincting the U.S. auto industry they make promises. If what you are saying is correct, and they follow through then they could have done something all along.   I hope what you are saying is correct, the bad thing is that the high cost of consumable goods will not drop even if the cost of fuel does. It has caused hyper inflation.

These retailers will continue to charge what the market will bear for goods, even once the cost of fuel is alleviated.  We'll see if anything even happens.  One thing is for sure if you have money to invest then invest in credit card companies.  The news was pushing credit cards as a means of people keeping afloat.  The cost of fuel looks like it was a means of forcing people into debt to the banks, since almost all creditors have a "Universal default" provision in their contracts, and they can jack you payment as high as 32% in some cases.

The housing bubble burst, the gas bubble is about too, and unsecured credit cards are the new cash cow.  If you have investment capital unsecured credit lenders are the way to go for no, but if you are shopping for a credit card do not except one with a "Universal Default rate attached!

Now they can not legally do this if you have not agreed, so read your card holder agreements for the words "Universal Default"!

Title: Re: oil at $65.00
Post by: jwc191 on May 28, 2008, 02:51:20 pm
another thing banks are doing, is freezing home equity loans and not going to allow more equity loans because  most homes have been devalues 7 to 10 %.