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Title: Bush pushes Globalization!
Post by: Furious1Auto on May 26, 2008, 04:10:36 am
He wants to send more jobs overseas, and expects us to support it! He even recognizes the job loss do to these policies and offers training and schooling.  I ask you if he did not sell your job in the first place, would you have to go find one to replace it? Look at congress's facial expressions while he puts his foot in his mouth. Apparently the congressman and senators here from our E-Mails and know the position of the public, while Bush is oblivious to it while he lives in an alternate reality!  The worst part is that when we was taking a beating over Iraq, I stood with him. I supported him all the way to 05' When he began attacking the middle class openly. First Passing CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement). by trying to freeze pension plans for every employer nationwide. Offering to privatize portions of Social security to bolster the dow and by proxy his own personal investments. Then by opening the southern border to Mexican trucks to run all 48 states. By refusing to secure our borders and allowing illegal aliens to work here and further reduce the jobs available to our citizens. And lastly by intending on completing 3 more free trade ageements before the end of his term! This man is the fool, not us! I need to E-Mail TMZ to let them know that I would pay to see them sick their Paparazzi on him after he leaves office, I'd like to see him get the Brittaney Spears treatment! Bush on trade LINK! (http://"")