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Post by: Furious1Auto on May 26, 2008, 04:21:45 am
I can't believe that American business owners, and wealthy have been able to demonize unionization to the point that it would make it O.K. for them to pack up our jobs and ship them over sea's and outside of our borders with no response from us! 

I had a Manager once tell me that a job is only worth the lowest wage you can get it performed to specification!  The problem with this theory is that it lacks humanity, in that there is no concern from the employer as to the standard of living of their employees.  wasn't their once a sense that you should see to it that your employees could at least be able to afford the necessities!   

Big companies that are established to include Ford are employing these practices heavily, and in time will move their entire production network to the lowest cost logistically feasible labor markets (for now Mexico) and sell their goods in the highest return markets feasible (currently America).  Once their new labor force begins to demand more compensation than they will find another lower cost labor market to replace them, Likewise with their sales.

They will also sell in the highest return market until it no longer will bears the price that they demand, then they will open new markets to maintain their target sales volume! This outsourcing is happening all over the U.S., People are losing their jobs and they need to understand why!

We have had enough of these free trade agreements. legislation like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) equal trade status with China, to cost us what we have paid in jobs to this point! And some how with all of our loss these powers that be have been able to dupe us in to believing that they were necessary to the survival of this country!

Big business is the only one who profits from them, and their lobbyists have used money to buy our politicians! Our politicians have sold out to acquire money to campaign to get elected or reelected!  They use this money to get exposure in order to buy votes. So now that we know that our vote is more important than money to our politicians, do you see how to take back our government! 

Send letters and E-mails to your representatives telling them what you demand they do!  Let them know you vote and will vote against them if they do not carry out your will!

Here is a link to a debate that included the greatest would be president that never served!
LINK (http://"")

He tells the truth about the political game and watch how Bush tries to defend the game as if it is not wrong!  We must put a stop to these free trade agreements to salvage what is left of our current standard of living! Here are links to you representatives!

U.S. Senate (http://"") and the House of Representatives! (http://"")

Post by: BAN_JAPAN on November 20, 2008, 10:09:12 pm
I wish more people cared to look into this good information of whats going on in the good ol usa and world